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LA Galaxy v. Vancouver Whitecaps: Game Thread

"Mr. Lalas, what number are the Galaxy?"
"Mr. Lalas, what number are the Galaxy?"

Are you ready? Of course! Are you sober? Probably not. If you are going to drink, I recommend the Sam Adams Summer Ale. It's still warm enough for it in California, and it's citrus notes are a fine addition to any summer fare. Like arroz con pollo. If you're looking for some summer fare to cook, I can't recommend the Cuban dish highly enough. 

What's that? The game's about to kickoff? But I haven't yet gotten to my post game desert and coffee combination. Brownie and French Roast, decaf if you don't want to be up all night, but I'm sure you do. Eh? Eh?!? Okay let's watch the game. 



Galaxy Whitecaps
GK Saunders
GK Cannon
DEF Jordan DEF Harvey
DEF Gonzalez DEF Rochat
DEF DeLaGarza DEF DeMerit
DEF Dunnivant DEF Leathers
MID Magee
MID Camilo
MID Birchall MID Vagenas
MID Beckham MID Koffie
MID Donovan MID Salinas
FWD Cardozo FWD Chiumiento
FWD Keane FWD Hassli


Subs: LAGalaxy 24.Perk, 6.Hejduk, 11.Barrett, 15.Keat, 17.Cristman, 25.Lopez, 26.Stephens 

Subs: Vancouver: 18.Nolly, 2.Boxall, 7.Jarju, 12.Brovsky, 16.Khalfan,

23.Tan, 27.Morfaw

Game Time: 7:30 pm


MLS Gameday