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The Carson Daily, September 16th

Carson Daily
Carson Daily

Hey Guys and Gals, it's a gloomy, overcast day in Carson. It's Berkeley weather, in a place that looks pug ugly in Bay Area weather. So to cheer up, I suggest you grab yourself a cuppa, and a muffin of your choosing, and let's see what the Galaxy have been saying about the papers. Wait, that's not right: 


Toronto FC trades Dasan Robinson to Galaxy for young defender
Toronto FC traded away a veteran for the future on Thursday, sending defender Dasan Robinson to the LA Galaxy. This one gives a fairly detailed account of the affair. 


Toronto FC trades for defender | Soccer | Sports | Toronto Sun
Toronto announced yesterday the club has acquired former U.S. under-20 defender Kyle Davies from the LA Galaxy for defender Dasan Robinson. This one is mostly included for it's picture of Kyle Davies, cause I'm sure most Galaxy fans don't know what he looks like. 

Wondo about to overtake Donovan on SJ scoring chart |

Speaking of photographs, this article, while a travesty, features a picture of our captain circa 2003 in one of those awful old MLS jerseys that everyone else seems to love. All over the world, everyone went to the super baggy jerseys in the 90s, cause of course Michael Jordan should dictate soccer style. 


Anyway, Landon with more hair!