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The Carson Daily, August 30th

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Hey kids. Grab a glass on sweet tea, and your favorite item from the BBQ, it's time for the Carson Daily: 


Soccer: How Qatar became a player in world soccer - ESPN
When Qatar won the bid for the 2022 World Cup, the response rang out: Qatar? Really? But the small, weathly country has slowly been making a name for itself in international soccer with a program that may have helped Qatar score the winning bid, writes Brent Latham.

Klinsmann adds Pontius, Spector to US camp roster |

The roster is a changing. Wednesday is open practice at the Home Depot Center. Game is on Friday, natch. 


Leaving for LA - Robbie's revenge? - Soccer, Sport -
From Tallaght to Hollywood, Robbie Keane still divides opinion. Dion Fanning travels to LA to talk exclusively to the Galaxy's newest star.

The Press Association: Trapattoni: Keane will be ready

In case our Irish base was worried he won't be. 


Giase: Seattle Sounders may be MLS's best expansion team yet |
Seattle has come a long way in two years. That's a bar question for ya, are the Sounders MLS' most successful expansion franchise?