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Saturday Open Soccer Thread

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If you're like me, then you taped the early EPL matches to watch later in the day. If you aren't, I hope it was worth getting up at 4:00 to watch Aston VIlla host Wanderers : ) 

We've got a whole slate of MLS action. Well, one MLS match that isn't pay television. You can watch our flatmate Chivas USA host Real Salt Lake tonight on Fox Soccer channel (7:30). If Chivas wins, it's yet another reason to laugh off a threat to the Galaxy repeating as Shield winners. If RSL wins, then Chivas loses and that's always a good thing. You can't lose! 

There are other matches if you have the Direct Kick package, and who doesn't : ) Chicago v. Colorado. Kansas City v Dallas. Toronot v San Jose. Seattle v. Columbus. 

Seattle Sounders picked up forward Sammy Ochoa yesterday, in yet another example of how the allocation order can just be silly. Four caps with the U-20 team means you're a national teamer? So if Brian Perk lef for Europe, and came back, he'd have to go through the allocation prcoess? Anyhow, Seattle traded with Chicago to get a spot high enough, Chivas, Houston, and Toronto all passed. 

The striker had all of two goals during his time with Tecos. He's also from Morelia. I've decided I irrationally don't like him. 

Anyhow, talk about whatever's on your mind in the comments.