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LA Galaxy Defeat Liga Alajuelense, Take Control of Group A

No photos from tonight's match for me to use, so here' Robbie Keane pulling a silly face.
No photos from tonight's match for me to use, so here' Robbie Keane pulling a silly face.

The LA Galaxy were able to defeat Liga Alajuelense, and take control of Group A in the Champions League. With Morelia dominating Motagua to the tune of 4-0, it's looking like a three horse race for the two elimination round spots up for grabs. Omar Gonzalez and Chad Barrett were the goal scorers on the night. David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Mike Magee all got yellows, and Juninho was tossed out with a red card. Take a look at the highlight reel: 




  • Chad Barrett's goal was his third in Champions League play. Last year for Toronto FC against Motagua, Barrett scored two goals, one in each leg of the preliminary round. 
  • Omar Gonzalez's goal was his first in Champions League play. 
  • David Beckham's yellow card was for dissent. The assistant referee was too close to the flag for David, who takes a big swing on his kicks. Ass. told him where he could shove it, and the referee sprinted over like a bat out of fell to give Beckham the yellow. 
  • The referee barely moved, however, when Greg Berhalter fell to the pitch with a broken foot. The fourth official wouldn't let the medical staff on, so Berhalter tried to walk off. David Beckham is screaming at the ref "he broke his foot". Berhalter finally gives up, sits down and takes off his shoe like Richie Tenenbaum. David starts yelling at the fourth official now, and finally the med staff are allowed on. 
  • We wont know the extent of Berhalter's injury until x-rays tomorrow, but he walked out of the HDC on his own two feet. 
  • Landon Donovan got his yellow for throwing someone to the ground. Mike Magee got his for giving the ball to the other team. 
  • Juninho got his red card for a flying elbow to the head. Opinions have differed on the replay. 
  • The LA Galaxy may have won, but I've never walked away from the HDC feeling this frustrated. I'm literally seething right now, with no outlet.