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Robbie Keane Joins Donovan, Buddle, Scoring in his Debut

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We said on Saturday that Robbie Keane was the 18th member of the Galaxy to score in their Los Angeles debut. After painstaking hours of waiting for PR to email us the list, we have it. Sort of. This may take some work. 



Robbie Keane 2011
Alecko Eskandrian 2009
Edson Buddle 2007
Landon Donovan 2005
Jovan Kirovski 2004
Carlos Ruiz 2002
Cobi Jones 1996
Arash Noamouz 1996
Jorge Salcedo 1996
Guillermo Jara 1996
Ante Razov 1996

Obviously there should be more to it. But that's all I could get from the hints in the Galaxy press release. What we can say from this partial list is that Robbie Keane joined some of the Galaxy's leading goal scorers. We can scratch our heads and try to remember who Alecko Eskandarian is. The first MLS year, the Galaxy had five players score on their debut (and outside of Cobi Jones that's my own research so their could be errors). Since then, there's been a max of two per year. 

Can you think of anyone else who scored in their Galaxy debut? There's too much empty in this list, it needs your help!