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Galactic Clippings, August 21st

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Grab your coffee and your morning pastry, let's see what the press had to say about the Galaxy yesterday:


Is Robbie Keane right to join LA Galaxy? | Irish Examiner
In a yes/no article, John Riordan says no, Jetlag and Galaxy’s direct game could damage Robbie and Ireland. He had to take the no side, he's a friend of the site, so glad the no's lost. 


Johnson: Soccer here to stay in America
After a sports summer dominated by the beautiful game, Dave Johnson takes a look at whether soccer can become a year-round obsession here in the U.S. Yup, one of those articles. 


Leonard: Getting younger MLS aim -
MLS rule change encourages MLS teams to sign younger players. Another look at that announced rule change. 

Player movement shows MLS moving toward big-league play - SOCCER - Sporting News

Cause signing David Beckham was just the tip of the iceberg, and now we're finally starting to see more of it. 

Business Off The Pitch: MLS Commissioner and Union CEO lead discussion with supporters in Philadelphia -

Just thought this was neat, and the sort of fan engagement that can make MLS fun to follow. 

This article went to print to early for game recaps to be included. I like sleep.