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LA Galaxy Control San Jose Earthquakes, Robbie Keane Scores

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When a game starts off the the LA Galaxy going ahead with a Robbie Keane scored goal, and ends with the San Jose Earthquakes shut out; there shouldn't be this much to criticize. It's a game that from a fan perspective had everything it needed to have. From an analyst perspective, it had a huge gaping hole in the middle. I'm going to try and wear both hats.  

There it is, Robbie Keane's first goal. Keane became the 18th player in Galaxy history to score in his debut. It's also the fourth time in ten league debuts for Keane that he scored. The man knows how to score goals. He also knows how to cartwheel, and make finger pistols at the opposing section. I think we should keep him. 

The high energy plan of Robbie Keane seemed to inspire David Beckham and Landon Donovan to play up to his level. David Beckham kept finding Keane in the box with well timed crosses. Keane finally got one while onside and on his feet in the 21', and he wasted no time dribbling past the keeper and firing on an open goal. 

It's obvious that Keane has a great head for the game. How many strikers would have tried to play that ball on the first touch, rather than gathering it and going around the keeper? He had other runs, but they were offside, or he struck it too hard, or he was on his back. It'll come with time. 

Can't do a recap without mentioning Mike Magee. He came on for Keane in the 72' minute, and all he did was score the put away goal in the 90'. Sean Franklin rolled in a cross from near the corner and all Magee had to do was redirect it in. 

When the Galaxy were on, in that first twenty minutes and that last run, they looked really good. Like video game good. However, there was this giant lull in the middle of the game where they just couldn't get anything done. Stats are very deceptive in soccer, but the Galaxy's only shots on target were the two goals. San Jose had six. 

Some post game talking points and notes:

  • San Jose lost Steven Beitashour to what was called a "serious foul play". Basically he jumped over Landon Donovan and cleated him as he went over. Donovan sold it enough, but it looked intentional to me. 
  • The game was announced a sellout, but it didn't look like the corners sold. 
  • Scoring the game winning goal puts Robbie Keane equal with Juan Pablo Angel for total output. Angel only had one meaningful goal. 
  • Someone told Robbie Keane after the game that they were more impressed with the cartwheel. His response:
  • "I've been doing that for fourteen years? Don't you watch TV?"

    I really really really want to keep him. What did you think?  Just another win by the Galaxy? The shape of things to come? Or are there a lot of things to fix before it's right?