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Galactic Clippings, Stardate August 20th

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Let's look at what's come in on the teletype since last time: 


Robbie Keane has high expectations in joining Los Angeles Galaxy - ESPN Los Angeles
Robbie Keane knows what his job is, and he intends to do it. His new club, the L.A. Galaxy, hopes that will be enough to ensure a little silverware by year's end.

The most important nugget in this article is buried down a few paragraphs:

Reports in the U.S., England and Ireland have Keane making about $9 million for the length of his contract after L.A. paid a transfer fee reported between $3 million and $6 million. Leiweke said those numbers were inaccurate.


"We never, ever release details of deals, but what I can tell you is [those numbers are] inflated, and that's between us and Robbie," he said. "The transfer fee isn't what everyone thinks the transfer fee is. We have a long relationship with Tottenham. There's other things to this deal, and time will show people that there's some other things that Tottenham and us agreed to as part of all of this."


Perhaps a friendly or two, in L.A. or London? "Possibly."


Soccer By Ives: Keane unveiled by Galaxy, ready to deal with lofty expectations
Keane was officially unveiled by the Galaxy on Friday amid waiving Irish flags and a traditional Gaelic welcome, "Céad míle fáilte," or "100,000 welcomes" from the Irish Consulate General. I linked Scott French's take, only fair Adam Serrano gets the same treatment. 

Irish eyes smile on Galaxy as Keane officially arrives in LA |

And why not, here's Luis Bueno's take on the affair. 


Heaps of Woe - The Run of Play
However, I saved my favorite piece for last. It's long, and it's a bit academic, but it's a great look by Andrew Thomas on racism at Barcelona. MLS hasn't had this problem historically, but it's a reality in much of soccer around the world.