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LA Galaxy Host Rival San Jose Earthquakes Once More

If only Mike Magee knew what he was about to get himself into...
If only Mike Magee knew what he was about to get himself into...

Rivalries. We all have them. And in MLS, one of the most historic rivalries is between the Los Angeles Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes. The last meeting between these two was one for the history books. No one could have guessed both of the LA goalies would be out of the game before the first half. And I am willing to bet in our most wildest dreams we would never have thought Mike Magee would step up to the plate and act as goalkeeper for 45+ minutes, let alone go home with a clean sheet. But this is how rivalries are spurred and legends are made. I think it is safe to say after the 0-0 match on June 25th, the Los Angeles versus San Jose rivalry was reignited and will be in full force Saturday at the Home Depot Center.

The second meeting of these two clubs this season will also be the debut of Robbie Keane. Whether he will start or sub-in is still up in the air, but suffice to say this match will be interesting as the Galaxy adjust to their new forward and San Jose will likely give everything they've got after not scoring in their last meet-up against the Galaxy. The Galaxy's all time record against San Jose is 24-15-8, and their record against the Quakes at the Home Depot Center is 6-1-2. After a crushing 0-3 defeat against Portland on August 3rd, it appears the Galaxy are back to their winning ways after their 2-0 win against CD Montegua in the CONCACAF match this past Tuesday, and their impressive 3-1 win against FC Dallas on August 6th. San Jose has not won a match since their 4-2 win against DC United on June 11. In their games since that win they have gone 0-5-6, with their latest defeat last Saturday against the Colorado Rapids.

Hopefully the Galaxy are not too fatigued after playing a match earlier this week, but they did get a "bye" last weekend so the guys have had some rest. Nevertheless, this match is highly anticipated and will hopefully be as entertaining as the last Galaxy versus Quakes match (with a little less anxiety and a Galaxy win). The Galaxy seem to be hitting a stride right now in their play and were very impressive in their last two matches. We can they can continue this trend into the match on Saturday and get another three points on their quest for the Supporter's Shield and the MLS Cup.