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Fun With Charts, Robbie Keane Update

Because he's awesome, that's why.
Because he's awesome, that's why.

Time to update some charts, now with Robbie Keane! And less Juan Pablo Angel. Since Salary information only comes out once a year, I'm going to just post salary cap hits instead of full salaries. 

Player Name Player Base Salary
David Beckham $335,000.00
Landon Donovan $335,000.00
Robbie Keane $167,500.00
Chad Barrett $192,000.00
Donovan Ricketts $170,000.00
Chris Birchall $144,000.00
Todd Dunivant $135,000.00
Omar Gonzalez $120,000.00
Mike Magee $102,850.00
Sean Franklin $97,389.00
Gregg Berhalter $96,000.00
Frankie Hejduk $96,000.00
Leonardo (SEI) $90,000.00
Kyle Davies $62,000.00
Juninho $90,000.00
Jovan Kirovski $84,000.00
Josh Saunders $63,222.00
Michael Stephens $57,750.00
AJ DeLaGarza $55,110.00
Miguel Lopez $45,000.00
Adam Cristman $42,000.00

Less vital but still an update, I found out there are two spots open on the Reserve Roster, due to a second Season Ending Injury. 

Player Name Player Base Salary
Brian Perk $71,250.00
Jack McBean $55,000.00
Bryan Jordan $42,000.00
Paolo Cardozo $42,000.00
Daniel Keat $42,000.00
Sean Alvarado (SEI) $32,604.00
Hector Jiminez $32,604.00
Dustin McCarty $32,604.00
Ryan Thomas $32,604.00
Open Slot (SEI) $35,000 (allocation)
Open Slot $35,000 (allocation)


It stands to reason that the Galaxy used some of that allocation money in the Keane acquisition. However, that's just a guess.