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Galaxy Clippings, Stardate August 17th

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A look at what's come off the teletype machine overnight: 

Beckham told me all about LA Galaxy says Keane | MLS News | It's what everyone has been speculating, but now we have it in Keane's own words. Thanks Beckham, next Winter perhaps you chat up Chicharito? 


Robbie Keane will have big impact in L.A. -- Jeff Carlisle -- soccer - ESPN
Robbie Keane should have a big impact at L.A. Galaxy, writes Jeff Carlisle.


Galaxy star David Beckham plans his third and final trip to Australia | The Australian
David Beckham is coming back to Australia in what is expected to be the last chance his legion of fans here will get to see him play live. So apparently the Galaxy are headed back to Australia in the offseason. 


LA Galaxy's Bruce Arena and Landon Donovan welcome Robbie Keane signing (16/8/11) - YouTube
LA Galaxy coach Bruce Arena says he is excited by the signing of Republic of Ireland captain Robbie Keane from Tottenham. The former USA boss believes the 31...


LA Galaxy trades Colombian Juan Pablo Angel to Chivas USA - Colombia news | Colombia Reports
Colombian striker Juan Pablo Angel is traded from the L.A. Galaxy to their crosstown rivals Chivas USA. While MLS might be scrambling to be the last to say it, we're gonna go ahead and assume JPA is really really with Chivas now.