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You Know You're a Galaxy Fan When...

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Since we have a "bye" this weekend, let's lighten things up and have some fun. We Galaxy fans get heckled and are often the target of criticism because of our love of the top team in MLS. Much like Yankees fans, we have to put up with a lot of nay-sayers and doubters. We love our team and will defend it through good and bad. So let's take pride in our love of the Los Angeles Galaxy and reveal in our success thus far this season. Here are some key reasons you know you are a die-hard Galaxy fan:

  • You have a love-hate relationship with David Beckham. You love when he creates beautiful set pieces that make goals and puts 100% into his play much like his younger colleagues. You hate it when he goes to the corner to make a corner kick and all of the squealing teenybobers and moms scream like there is no tomorrow. 
  • You root against Chivas USA in for almost any reason. If we have a player we don't like, we try to send them to Chivas for them to deal with. 
  • You assume public parking is $15 everywhere.
  • In your closet at home you've set up a shrine for Mike Magee.
  •  When the opposing team scores first in the first couple of minutes of a match, you have vivid flashbacks of the 2008 season, and shudder in dread. Then you wake up, look Bruce Arena, and your faith is restored.
  • When you watch away games at home or out of town, non-fans (neighbors, parents, friends, etc) think you have gone bat-sh*t crazy due to periodic yelling and screaming and don't understand why Spanish is suddenly blasting out of the TV (this likely applies to all soccer fans).
  • You strike up a conversation about the Galaxy with a friend, co-worker, family member, etc. and they stare at you wide-eyed and confused. As you pour your heart and soul out while discussing the Galaxy, they let you know they have no idea what you are talking about....and your whole world comes crashing down. It is unfathomable to believe people do not know what the LA Galaxy is.

Ok, my creative juices are slowing down and my coffee isn't kicking in. I know some of you out there can come up with much better and funnier characteristics of Galaxy fans. Please continue the conversation in the comments below and have fun! Hang in there, only two days left until Tuesday!!!