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Saturday MLS Action Without TV Open Thread

Maybe, just maybe, NY can win a match (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Maybe, just maybe, NY can win a match (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who loves off days? I don't. I want the Galaxy playing today, but the MLS schedule makers didn't agree so our G's get to take naps and eat some burgers today. I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing. Getting a break after a long run of matches is a good thing and with Tuesday beginning CONCACAF Champions League action with a new run of matches all kinds of breaks are good. I'm being selfish though. I want to see us play.

With us out of action we turn our attention to the rest of the league. Dallas and Seattle remain the top challengers to our spot atop MLS so rooting for Philadelphia to take down the Texans is a good thing. Rooting for Chivas feels dirty, but it may be in order with them up in the Emerald City today. Elsewhere, New York will see if they can keep their long streak of embarrassing themselves going as they host Chicago.

The national TV matches today are...none. That's right, there isn't a single game on national TV today. If you want your MLS fix and don't have MLS Direct Kick or Matchday Live then you better hope you live in a market with a local match. Hooray! Use this thread to talk about all the MLS action you can't watch.