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LA Galaxy Defeat The British....Columbians

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Queued up the Galaxy match (at around 11:30) had a couple of glasses of Merlot. Let's do this! The Merlot is Oak Tree. It's delicious.

  • Juan Pablo Angel is useless. Adam Cristman is better, and costs like a tenth of what the Galaxy are paying for Juan Pablo Angel. Did the team think it needed a big name splash to get over the loss of Edson Buddle? Cause it's worked like gangbusters.
  • The pitch is as horrible as we remember it from the Manchester City friendly. You know what? It still looks like soccer. When they come out and play on Astroturf it looks like tennis. So kudos on playing a soccer match that looks like one. Apparently that was turf out there. Turf with large brown patches and divots. Apparently they make turf like that, and it confused the crap out of me.
  • Landon Donovan's goal was pretty and well finished. The defender fell on his bottom, but Landon Donovan didn't fall. He stayed upright. He played a good touch and had a great finish. That's because he's good at soccer. One can only yell at the pitch for so long.
  • You can't volleyball spike a soccer ball. They are two different sports, with two different balls. Also not a good idea to give The Captain a penalty kick, just saying.
  • How focused did Donovan look after his first goal? And how cool was it that on both goals, he kissed the shield, and ran right over to the supporters. Canada, I know your upset because you're a sub-par soccer nation, but Landon does not suck. That's like chanting Kobe sucks, or Manning sucks. That's just asinine. 
  • I should mention that the Galaxy were completely outplayed until the Donovan goal. But that's soccer, the Goals you don't score are scored against you. I'm looking at you USWNT.
  • I felt like I heard Galaxy defender's names way too often in the attacking half of the field. I mean Franklin slides in Donovan's perfect cross. I mean okay, but why were he and mask-face playing so far up.
  • Also, mask-face was funny.
  • Oh hey look, Adam Cristman scored a goal. And it was not his first in a Galaxy uniform, Fox Soccer Channel, it was his first in MLS play. Cristman is good at soccer. Also a bargain. The Galaxy have gotten great play for their bargains.

4-0 Galaxy. That certainly does not suck. Let's hope Landon goes into beast mode in Portland as well.