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David Beckham Cares About The All-Star Game...Or At Least Says He Does

You tell 'em, Becks!  (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
You tell 'em, Becks! (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Who's ready for the All-Star Game? Anyone? Anyoneeeeee? Okay, so Landon Donovan is out of the contest with that pesky calf injury and Omar Gonzalez won't be playing either. Juninho was named to the list of additional six all-stars so he won't play in the game, but he does get a nice bonus check for making the team. That's three Galaxy all-stars missing on Wednesday night so we win the contest for most missing all-stars (do we get three points for that win?).

That leaves us with two all-stars who will actually be playing. There's the always underrated Sean Franklin. He never gets the attention he deserves, but Galaxy fans do recognize his contributions so the fan voting landed him in New Jersey for tomorrow's contest. The other all-star is some guy you may have heard of before. He goes by the name of David Beckham. He's kind of a big deal. He also thinks that the MLS team can win tomorrow and that it kind of matters. Or maybe he's just saying that.

"I think we’ve got a lot of young, good talent on this team. These players have been on top of their game this season and for other seasons as well. It’s not just about this All-Star Team; there are players who’ve been on All-Star Teams the last few years. These players are good players. Thierry [Henry] said it before: it’s not just about the big European players all coming over to this league, there’s a lot of young talent like Hans was saying. There’s a lot of young talent throughout this league and it’s going to grow. It’s continuing to grow. As long as that continues, this league will continue to grow like it has already and bring other players over and add that excitement as well.

"I think we have a chance on Wednesday. It will be tough. It’s never easy coming up against Manchester United, no matter where you play in the world. It’s going to be a difficult game, but it’s going to be a game to enjoy. You don’t get many opportunities to play against the likes of Wayne Rooney and Chicharito and so many other players that they’ve got. As much as we want to win the game it’s important that we enjoy it."

So a few questions for all of you. Do you care about the All-Star Game at all, do you think the MLS team can actually win and does the MLS team winning prove anything to anyone?