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David Beckham Wants Two More Years

"psst. pssst. They like it better when you're not a wanna-be jerky jerk."
"psst. pssst. They like it better when you're not a wanna-be jerky jerk."

David Beckham, who went fourty-five minutes in the Los Angeles Galaxy's penalty kick loss to Manchester City, said yesterday after the match that he wants to go two more years in Major League Soccer. His five year contract that he signed to play with the LA Galaxy is up at the end of next year, but as of yet, there haven't been any talks of renewal.

"I still feel good, I feel healthy. I'm still enjoying getting up in the morning to go training," said David Beckham.

It's certainly very difficult to question David's comment to soccer. While some have questioned his commitment to his home club over the years, and this year is no different, Beckham is committed to the promotion of soccer here in America and abroad in his home country of England.

Right now, David Beckham is in New York, well groomed, and appearing on behalf of Major League Soccer. He and Thierry Henry were on Good Morning America this morning. They'll be speaking to the media at 11 am pst from the All-Star hub in Manhattan. The press conference is going to stream live on

"Yes, one, maybe two, more years. Until I get up and don't feel the same, I'll continue. I still have to play at a certain level but I think I can do that. This is the last year in my contract but I enjoy playing in this league, for this franchise, with the players we have and with Bruce Arena as my manager.''

While Beckham may be unclear as to when his contact ends (he's definitely on the hook through 2012), the question becomes if the Galaxy should extend two more years at DP prices to a 36 year old midfielder. The answer is absolutely yes, OMG yes, yes yes yes. Whether or not David Beckham has been soccer's messiah, he's made the LA Galaxy a global brand. When I was at university, I had a LA Galaxy scarf hanging on my wall. My roommate was an international student, so she was always bringing study abroad kids over. An English friend of hers came in the room and goes "Oh, LA Galaxy". I was so happy to get validation that the brand had made it that far. When I asked, oh you know about the Galaxy, he said of course, David Beckham.

The man still draws a crowd at the Home Depot Center, still sells a lot of shirts, and is still on of the best free kick takers in the game. He, Landon Donovan, and Bruce Arena have found a system that works, and in a league as crazy with turnover as MLS can be, consistency should be valued until it just isn't working anymore. It's working now, so let's not worry so much about fixing it.