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Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

Quick! Sign that baby to a Discovery Signing contract.
Quick! Sign that baby to a Discovery Signing contract.

There's a full slate of MLS matches today, but too bad if you wanted to watch league matches today. National TV broadcasters are not interested in your love of MLS play. But look, Friendlies! Who doesn't love a friendly?

First up, at 2pm pdt, you can watch Manchester United play their warm up match for the prestigious MLS All-Star Game. United take on the Chicago Fire on ESPN2. Keys to the game? Wayne Rooney scoring another hat trick against trialists is probably a good idea. Perhaps Chicago can come out in Barca throwbacks, scare United into not scoring goals.

Then, on Fox Soccer Channel, you can catch DC United hosting Everton at RFK. Perhaps if DCU (I hesitate to call them United, lest any confusion arise) were to come out with white shirts and their black shorts, they could trick Everton into thinking it's a league match.

If you do watch to catch some MLS action today, Red Bull vs. Dallas are on Galavison at 3pm pdt. If you wanted to watch a friendly in Spanish, Juventus v. Sporting Kansas City will be on ESPN Deportes at 4 pdt, followed by Philadelphia v. Real Madrid.

The rest of today's matches are only available online. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the aforementioned or any other soccer action going on today.