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Still The Home Depot Center, Now With Farmer Partnership: Game Chat

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So after all the wild speculation, admittedly some of it caused by LAG Confidential, it turns out the major announcement the Galaxy and Farmers Insurance had to announce was that they are now official partners for two years. This means that Farmers Insurance has the right to use the phrase "Official Partner of the LA Galaxy" as well as the status of Official Insurance Partner of the LA Galaxy".

With respect to the Home Depot Center, this means that Farmers are now it's "Official Founding Partner" of the HDC as well as the "Official Insurance Company". Mostly what this all means is money. It also means money. In another sense, it means money.

"We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Farmers Insurance, bringing together two of the leading brands in insurance and MLS respectively," said Tom Payne, President of the LA Galaxy. "We Look forward to working closesly with Farmers on their initiatives based around soccer and to their being a key member of the Galaxy family"

While this may mean a few more coins in the coffers, what annoys me about this announcement is that it's yet another example of MLS labeling an everyday occurrence as a major announcement. In Robert's Rules of Order, a minor objection is one that's just a quibble, while a major objection is one that you think will cause the downfall of your organization if not addressed. Galaxy fans will not feel the effects of this announcement in any way, and if it weren't for the Galaxy giving the media the bait and switch, most fans would have never even noticed it.

I mean if you care about the fact that there are only Adidas commercials during MLS contests, then maybe this announcement has you titillated. Personally, I was all hyped up for something that would change my day to day experience with this club forever, and I was sorely let down.

Anyhow, lineups for tonight and the game chat follow:


Galaxy Columbus
GK Saunders
GK Hesmer
DEF Franklin DEF Miranda
DEF DeLaGarza DEF Marshall
DEF Berhalter DEF James
DEF Dunnivant DEF Gardner
MID Kirovski
MID Gaven
MID Beckham MID Anor
MID Juninho MID Ekpo
MID Donovan MID Gehrig
FWD Angel FWD Rogers
FWD Lopez FWD Mendoza


Game Time: 7:30 pm

TV: Prime Ticket

MLS Gameday