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Sunday Open Thread

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Already a great soccer day, after the US Women's National Team came from behind at the last possible minute to tie things up, then won the match in penalties to move onto the final four. Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, may you never pay for a drink in your life.

There's still more to come. The Portland Timbers v. Seattle Sounders match on ESPN will include the announcement of the MLS All-Star roster. Later there's the U-17 World Cup final between Mexico and Uruguay.

Feel free to use this thread to talk anything soccer. Reactions for the US match and all the rest of it.

Edit: And of course, LAG Confidential would be remiss if they didn't wish David Beckham congratulations on the birth of a baby girl! Here's hoping Victoria Beckham is in good health, and may we suggest Abby as a name. Just a thought.

Now back to this one.