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Hello World, I'm Your Riot Girl

These fans approve of L.A.G Confidential. You should too!
These fans approve of L.A.G Confidential. You should too!

With all due respect to Joan Jett, welcome to LAG Confidential! My name's Josie Becker, and together with the LAG Confidential team, we're going to bring the very best in soccer blogging. Ryan, Jeff, Michael, and Laurie will all introduce themselves as they get a chance, but I wanted to give you a piece of who I am.

I was nine when the US hosted the World Cup. While Captain Landon Donovan (and rest assured, he will always be referred to this way) was sitting in the Rose Bowl falling in love with the world's game, I was following closely in the newspaper and on TV. AYSO was an activity, but no one in my family ever talked about soccer once the games were over. This was validation, my sport was huge.

I first read about MLS in Sports Illustrated for Kids. I'm sure there were some tear out player cards in the middle, but what I remember most were the logos. The weird swirly thingy that was the original logo. You can still see folk in Home Depot Center wearing the old gold and teal. Quintessentially 90s. The LAG in the site logo is a nod to the original team. Who didn't love Cobi Jones and his bleached tip dreads?

I didn't get to Galaxy match til after the rebranding. I watched a bunch on TV, back when MLS occasionally made it to ABC. I was a student up at UC Berkeley when David Beckham came over. I remember the ESPN broadcast, the new (let's face it, better) kits, Drew Carey interviewed about his purchase of a Seattle club. Then Beckham came on in the 78' minute of a friendly for Alan Gordon. It was all spectacle, the sport didn't matter.

The sport will most assuredly matter here. Bookmark us and come back to see what we're all about. I assure you, we won't disappoint. And despite my punny title, rest assured I love my Riot Squad and Angel City Brigade equally. You too Galaxians.