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The Three Star Daily, Nov 30th

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Mild Spoiler if you haven't watched this morning's match yet. A pretty solid day for the Galaxy yesterday. Barack Obama called them to invite them to the White House. Then they went 1-0 against the Indonesian selection. For those of you who haven't queued up the match yet on your DVR, I won't tell you when they scored, or who scored. Mild spoiler!

Soccer fan Obama makes call to MLS champs

President Obama called LA Galaxy soccer coach Bruce Arena on Wednesday morning to congratulate him for winning the MLS Cup. -

President Obama congratulates L.A. Galaxy on MLS championship -

It has become commonplace for the president to place a congratulatory phone call to professional and college teams when they win a national championship. But apparently it took the first soccer dad in chief a little while longer to get...

Also of note, from last night's game, the Galaxy wore black armbands in remembrance of deceased Welsh National Team coach Gary Speed. David Beckham had a personal relationships with him, and it was nice gesture.