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The Carson Daily, Nov 3rd

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Morning ladies, gentlemen. I would like to ask you to raise your scarves high. Good. Now let's see what the broadsheets are saying about the LA Galaxy this fine day. 


BBC Sport - David Beckham 'will know when to quit' football
David Beckham says he can still perform at the highest level and that he will know when it is time to quit football.


Landon Donovan and the Galaxy not angry at Red Bulls -
The teams play tonight at Home Depot Center in second leg of first-round playoff. Donovan says there is no lingering bad blood after a spat broke out at end of Game 1 and he called Red Bulls cheap.


Henry Defends Red Bulls’ Tactics Before Decisive Game -
To keep their season alive, the Red Bulls on Thursday must beat the Los Angeles Galaxy, whose star player Landon Donovan recently called the Red Bulls the dirtiest team in M.L.S.


Galaxy captain Donovan has grown into a hardened veteran - LA Daily News
They dont call it pressure, they call it a fact. The Galaxy werent built to compete for a championship, they werent placed in Major League Soccer for Hollywoods sake, they werent given all the creature comforts of professional sports just to feel good. " Nick Greens 100 Percent Soccer blog

Galaxy's focus is on advancing - The Daily Breeze

If only there were a couple more days to fan the flames. The Galaxy wouldnt have to add seats to Home Depot Center, they might have to switch the latest East Coast-Left Coast dustup to the Rose Bowl to accommodate some fired-up fans. " Nick Greens 100 Percent Soccer blog