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The Three Star Daily, Nov 25th

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Black Friday. A somber day where we remember all the sacrifices made by friends and family over the year, after celebrating and thanking them yesterday. What's that? It's about shopping? Oy vey. Well, hope you take advantage of some of the deals out there on the internet, and stay home with some cocoa and not being trampled. Let's see what the papers are saying about the LA Galaxy:

Talking Tactics: How LA ran circles around Houston | LA Galaxy

No more laughing at David Beckham and the MLS as soccer gains a foothold in the USA - Ian Winwood column - Ian Winwood -
In the past month two interesting developments occurred in the field of North American sport (or sports, as it is known on the continent to our left).

David Beckham to sign PSG deal worth £11.6m | Mail Online
David Beckham is on the verge of signing for Paris Saint-Germain after being offered an 18-month contract worth a staggering £11.6million.