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MLS Cup 2011: Post Match LA Galaxy Quotes

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Fine, one more, cause you're all such a great audience.  Let's go through some of the post match quotes from the press conference with Bruce Arena, David Beckham, and MLS Cup 2011 MVP Landon Donovan. They give such a great sense of just how difficult it is to win in MLS, and how much this cup means to the players and coaches: 

"The secret is that they are good players, and they play together as a team," said Bruce Arena. "Tonight, our team played well. We certainly didn’t do well in and around the penalty area. I think there were a few more goals there for us. Give Houston some great though, they hung in there. They were tough to score on. It was a great combination play between [Robbie] Keane and [Landon] Donovan to score that goal. It’s been a great year for our team and our organization."

From the great, humble, and loving family man David Beckham: 

"We’ve been through a lot this season. We’ve had a lot of games. Bruce and his staff are the ones that got us to this game tonight. Our families have put up with a lot this season with us being away. This makes it up them."

And from captain Landon Donovan, MLS Cup MVP Landon Donovan, on what it means winning in front of the home fans: 


"As an athlete, it’s an unbelievable accomplishment to be able to win a championship in your own stadium. It makes it better. The atmosphere was fantastic tonight. The stadium was electric. And, to do it in your own stadium is really, really special. I’m going to remember this forever."