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MLS Cup 2011: Media Cup And More

Getty Images

I want my website to be full of awesome celebration photos, so here's a video from the media cup, which has a great opening shot of me back pedaling and never marking my man and getting scored on. My place is in the middle, not in the back. 

Up top, that's Landon Donovan drinking out of the MLS Cup. Totally worth another post, don't you think. I'll even stretch this thing to 150 words. Let's see. 

How awesome are Omar Gonzalez and AJ DeLaGarza? I can't think of one time tonight when Houston was able to center the ball and legitimately threaten the Galaxy. Omar's height is such an advantage, watching him redirect balls coming into the box through the air is just pure fun. Then his head is a threat on the other end of the pitch as well. 

Mike Magee! Haven't said his name in a while. Didn't do much tonight, but what a fun name. Mike Magee!