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MLS Cup 2011: LA Galaxy Are Ready

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Really this is the Carson Daily, but it didn't seem right to do a generic (low search volume) post the day of the MLS Cup final. It's here! It's finally here. If three straight days of partying wasn't enough for you, there will be more today at the Home Depot Center as the Los Angeles Galaxy and Houston Dynamo set to kick of MLS Cup 2011.

Pulled myself together enough last night to go to the Nike + Bumpy Pitch event in Hollywood. Saw a ton of familiar faces which was cool. The CR7 line looked pretty hip, if you are into sporty lifestyle brands, I think this one will look like a winner to you.

I promised you the audio from my BBC London interview. They brought me onto their Thursday Sports Show to chat MLS Cup and Frank Lampard. Mostly to chat about Frank Lampard. Live radio happens so fast, it didn't feel like conversation but more like a game where I'm trying to find the right answers. It was fun though, take a listen.

Festivities start at the Home Depot Center at 2 o'clock. I'm sure the Soccer Celebration event will be worth stopping by, and I'm sure if you're reading this blog, you also know about the MLS Cup Tweet-up event that's happening around 3:30.

I got to see inside the Home Depot Center a few times. They're built temporary stands behind the Riot Squad and behind the North East corner, adding about another 3,000 voices. There's a media tent behind the Northwest corner. Budweiser brought a mobile bar into the plaza area, and it's rather large. Imagine being behind a mobile bar on the freeway.

The Supporter's Summit is this morning also. Don Garber is supposed to speak, taking questions from supporters. I have doubts that any of the burning questions (what will the schedule look like, what is the speed of an unladen swallow) will have answers, but that should be an interesting event.

LA is ready. Nothing more to it than to do it, eh?