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The Carson Daily, Nov 2nd

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The overnight poll results are in! A majority was achieved, and we can announce that mock Don Garber will soon be mock announcing mock DC United's move to mock Baltimore. Hopefully all those mocks will keep that sentence from starting a fire at Big Soccer. Anyone got a mock rebranding for United? Baltimore United? Maybe Baltimore City, to really say piss off to the District of Columbia. 

Anyhow, it's coffee break time, so grab yourself a nice espresso drink and let's take a look at what the broadsheets (and one web journalist) have to say about the LA Galaxy this fine morning: 

L.A., Seattle, Toronto await Champions League draw - SOCCER - Sporting News

The date for the draw has been set. Breaking news: news to be announced later : )


Red Bulls must solve Galaxy defense in deciding playoff match |
Red Bulls looking to overcome 1-0 loss to Galaxy


Red Bulls won’t respond to Landon Donovan calling them dirty -
The Red Bulls’ 1-0 loss to the Galaxy in the home leg of their Western Conference semifinal ended with Rafa Marquez throwing a ball at Landon Donovan to touch off a melee....


The New York papers are all over this matchup, LA was quiet today. Nat'l paper got into the act, neutral style. 


New York, L.A. to slug it out in MLS marquee matchup –
While the defending Major League Soccer champions limp into an uphill battle, the league's marquee teams are due to finish a slugfest....


And finally, I'm linking to myself, cause it's full of pretty Mike Magee quotes : )

LA Galaxy Vs. Red Bulls: Mike Magee May Be Key - SB Nation Los Angeles

Two smiley faces. This coffee is really good.