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Frank Lampard, David Beckham, and the Rumor Mill

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The Daily Mail reported this morning the MLS and the LA Galaxy have decided to target Frank Lampard as Beckham's replacement. I've made a point of not quoting tabloids, but to be fair The Daily Mail is appealing to the same audience that USA Today is. 

When I went to check out the Daily Mail Sports Page it was like a weird fever dream. Every story was about the Galaxy! 


David Beckham in MLS Best XI | Mail Online
David Beckham has been selected for the MLS Best XI for the first time in his five-year stay in the United States, with calls growing him for him to extend his deal.


David Beckham won't be joining Queens Park Rangers | Mail Online
QPR manager Neil Warnock has already started turning his attention elsewhere after now giving up hope of signing David Beckham.


Frank Lampard wanted to replace David Beckham at LA Galaxy | Mail Online
LA Galaxy are lining up a shock move for Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard as the perfect choice to replace David Beckham.

The first Beckham article relies entirely on the conference call with Don Garber. They call the MLS Best XI a prestigious award, which is humorous. Then they reprinted Garber's comments on Beckham in full, how he wants Beckham back but doesn't know if he can expect that. How he's brought so much attention to the league. 

Then the Daily Mail caught up with QPR manager Nail Warnock at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as a guest of owner Tony Fernanadez. Warnock admitted he no longer saw Beckham as an option. Paris-St. Germain is still considered a contender. 

So what of this business about Frank Lampard being David Beckham's replacement. The first two articles had legit sources, no need to doubt the mid-market Tabloid there. 

The Mail just says "It is understood his name has been discussed". I'm sure it has. I'm sure the Galaxy have a list of players they'd go after if David Beckham doesn't sign a new contract. I have no doubt someone like Frank Lampard would be on it. To think these basic plans haven't been made is naive. 

The article mentions Beckham's clause to buy an MLS team at $10mill. It will be interesting to see how Beckham exercises that clause. I do love their wording "Unlike the Premier League, you win your place in MLS by setting up a franchise and paying a 'licence fee' to the league". 

So what do you make of all this? In two years time, will the Galaxy have Frank Lampard in the midfield? Will David Beckham be a part owner of the Cosmos or Orlando City?