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LA Galaxy Beef Up Asian Tour

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Hey kids. Keep on voting on which MLS team will build the next soccer specific stadium. We also have to address a Galaxy specific offseason mater, which is this growing tour of Asia. It's been said publicly by Galaxy brass that not sending players out on loan and not doing an extensive foreign tour in the offseason was a calculated move to make a big push toward winning it all in MLS. 

Now Landon Donovan's national team duties ended up wearing him out anyway, but Becks made it through relatively unscathed. The Galaxy weren't going to sit around at home again this offseason, especially when Becks return next year is not a guarantee.

The match announced today is a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to take on a group of Super League all-stars. They then fly to Manila to take on the Philippine national team, and finally to Melbourne to take on the Melbourne victory. It's the team's four trip to Asia but their first since 2008. They're 2-3-4 all time in Asia, including 1-0-2 in the club's last Asia tour. They've visited Australia twice since signing David Beckham

The whole trip takes place in the span of a week, from Nov 30th to Dec 6th. It's a great way for the Galaxy to try and balance the books, and shouldn't have too much effect on the club's fitness for the CCL knockout stage. What do you think?