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State of the MLS: Stadium Predictions

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In a few weeks, the Home Depot Center will become the epicenter of US soccer as supporter's groups, national media, and the money all convene to talk about where soccer in the US is at right now. Of course, they'll also play a championship game at the end of it, but the Supporters' Summit and Don Garber's State of the MLS address are also big deals. Not only that, but the end of the season awards will be given out.

I'm terrible at predicting awards. Much the same way I've never been able to feel my own pulse, I can't get a sense of the soccer nation's pulse. However, overall health is something much easier to report on. First, begin with a list of teams currently playing in soccer specific stadiums:

Columbus Crew
Los Angeles Galaxy (Chivas USA - tenant)
FC Dallas
Chicago Fire
Colorado Rapids
Toronto FC
Real Salt Lake
New York Red Bulls
Philadelphia Union
Portland Timbers
Sporting Kansas City

Then say that the Houston Dynamo are opening their SSS next year, and the San Jose Earthquakes are slated to open theirs in 2013. The Montreal Impact are renovating their SSS to meet MLS capacity standards.

This leaves the New England Revolution, DC United, Seattle Sounders, and Vancouver Whitecaps. Don will point to the Seattle Sounders as an excellent example of sharing a facility. Which leaves the Whitecaps and Revs as second tier tenants in football facilities, Chivas USA as a second tier tenant in a soccer facility, and DC United in a relic.

Chivas USA sent around a fan survey earlier in the year, and their proposals range from tearing down the Sports Arena and replacing it with a SSS (an EIR has been run for this project). The Pomona Fairplex was also mentioned in the survey that went around to LA soccer fans. The Revs toss out the prospect of a Somerville Stadium, every now and again, and now it seems DC United are surveying fans about a possible relocation to Baltimore.

So now I turn it over to y'all. Which MLS team announces the next stadium deal? Bonus questions! If DC United were to rebrand in Baltimore, what would you call the team? What would you rebrand Chivas USA as?