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The Carson Daily, Oct 6th

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In today's edition of the Carson Daily, we'll talk about where Beckham will go next (hopefully it rhymes with whale-ay talaxay), Robbie Keane being offered a reality series (just what the Galaxy need - worked so well for the baseball Giants), and apparently (get this) C.D Guadalajara started a MLS franchise! I know right? I couldn't believe it either, but apparently they've been playing for a few years now. This whole time, I thought the Galaxy were playing International Friendlies. 


David Beckham is tempted by the challenge of move to Brazil if he leaves LA Galaxy - Telegraph
David Beckham is ready to consider offers to extend his playing career from as far afield as Brazil and the Middle East when his MLS contract with LA Galaxy expires in December.


LA Galaxy's David Beckham offered player-coach role at Leicester City | Football |
The former England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson says he has offered David Beckham a chance to join Leicester City.


David Beckham flattered by PSG, but 'family comes first' - ESPN Soccernet
David Beckham has said that family will come first when deciding his next career move, despite being flattered by interest from Paris St Germain.


Now it’s keeping up with Keanes in LA reality show - News, Frontpage -
KIM KARDASHIAN had better watch her back – as Claudine Keane could be Tinseltown’s next big star.

Chivas focus on LA in wake of postseason elimination |

What's next? Red Devils Canada? Magpies NY? The things people think up.