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The Carson Daily, Oct 3rd

Carson Daily
Carson Daily

Hey ladies and gents, warm Fall day here in Carson. How are we enjoying our first bit of Autumn? It's cooling off, but still super sunny. Perfect weather for football of all sorts. Whether it's cheering on your favorite MLS club in their quest for the cup, if you have a favorite NFL or college football team, or if your attention is on football across the pond, this weather just screams "let's all go out and cheer". 

Let's see what the broadsheets have been saying about the LA Galaxy: 


David Beckham Suits Up -
The soccer star contemplates the autumn of his career. (While suiting up. What a wonderful combination.)


MLS plans on releasing schedule earlier than usual
Major League Soccer was heavily criticized for releasing its 2011 schedule in February. (The Don has promised next year's schedule will be much more timely, and unbalanced) 

And from (online only, not a broadsheet): 

Galaxy show character, find way to get job done vs. RSL |

Handicapping the Golden Boot race down the stretch |

Question of the day: MLS is almost certainly going to an unbalanced schedule, with Don Garber mentioning the desire to highlight rivalries. While this is a terrible idea, it's also a really bad one. I should word that differently. This almost certainly means the return of playing Chivas and San Jose three times a year. Do you want to see Chivas and SJ three times a year? Certainly less travel to the east coast would be nice. Do you want to travel to the east coast less often? 

With both balanced and unbalanced schedules over the last five years, which do you prefer? Major League Baseball has an unbalanced schedule, to throw out an example. Six series' each year between division rivals and I can tell you it's fantastic. It's like waking up every day and it's still Groundhog Day.