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The Carson Daily, Oct 2nd

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Good morning Galaxy fans. I set my clock radio (iPhone dock) to wake me up with the North London derby. Got myself a nice cup of Italian Roast, and I'm still thinking about last night's result. What a hard fought victory. What a special, special team. I'll have a recapy/quotey post up later, but for now, let's see what the broadsheets are saying about the LA Galaxy: 

Josh Saunders has kept the Galaxy from missing a beat -
For six years, Josh Saunders prepared himself every day for a chance he was never sure he'd get. Such is the life of a backup goalkeeper in the MLS.

Galaxy rallies in second half for 2-1 win -
Maybe it was a punishing schedule that had the Galaxy play eight games in 26 days. Maybe it was a dogged Real Salt Lake team that has traditionally given the Galaxy fits.


Galaxy deal with adversity in win - LA Daily News
The party was canceled, so the Galaxy will try this clinching thing again Tuesday. But there still was something worth celebrating. As Real Salt Lake, without captain Kyle Beckerman, sent a reminder the 2009 MLS champion plans on being a postseason factor again, the Galaxy struggled back from a halftime deficit for the first time this season to record a 2-1 victory at Home Depot Center on Saturday.


GALAXY: Comeback leaves L.A. one win away - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
CARSON -- The Galaxy has played some beautiful soccer at times this year, but what makes them the best side in Major League Soccer is their ability to win ugly. 

And just to show how location and audience bias can completely change a story. 

Own goal gives Galaxy 2-1 victory against RSL | The Salt Lake Tribune

The SLT is also the paper that said Whitney is one of this Season's best (which it might well be, but based on the pilot, that was a writer painting by numbers, badly. Also note the SLT's inability to use technology, with the giant pixelated picture of said writer)