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The Carson Daily, Oct 19th

Carson Daily
Carson Daily

Tea, check. Chicken soup, check. Fever breaking (bad), check. Let's do this thing! Let's see what the broadsheets (and one website) have been saying about the LA Galaxy: 


Robbie feeling swell after LA's Irish welcome gift - National News -
ON his journey from Tallaght-fornia to California, Robbie Keane has taken some sharp and unexpected turns. But he will have to go about things a lot more smoothly if he is to enjoy his latest mode of transport.

(I wrote about that in my post-match writeup! I didn't know what was going on, and I thought it was the first sign of my fever, but I totes saw this happening : )


NICK GREEN on SOCCER: MLS can celebrate a sweet 16 - The Daily Breeze
Was this the most successful and best season for Major League Soccer yet? With the 16th MLS season wrapping up this coming weekend - the Galaxy visits Houston Sunday in a nationally televised game to bring the curtain down on the regular season - its a timely question.

(It seems like only yesterday the Galaxy were playing in the Rose Bowl, the Galaxians were the main supporters group, and games would show up on ABC every now and again) 


GALAXY: Must-win, with or without Donovan - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
CARSON -- The Galaxy now know what's needed in Honduras: a victory. What they don't know is whether they'll have their captain for Thursday's CONCACAF...

(All hands on deck for Honduras. No hands on deck for Houston)