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LA Galaxy MVP: Who Do You Choose?

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The LA Galaxy end of the season awards will be presented after the match against Chivas Sunday. These awards include the MVP and Defender of the Year, the Golden Boot and the Humanitarian of the Year. The Galaxy still have one more match after Sunday, but Landon Donovan has the boot so wrapped up he could sell it at Macy's.

The Humanitarian of the Year award is internally awarded, so that leaves just the MVP and Defender of the Year that are decided by a press vote. Yours truly submitted a ballot, but I won't make my votes public til after the announcement. Even though the voting is over, I don't want it to sound like I'm campaigning for a particular player. Especially since Grant Wahl proved in his book, these things aren't just a matter of press vote.

So MVP likely will come down to the midfielders: Landon Donovan, David Beckham, and Juninho. I'd give Omar Gonzalez an outside shot at the award, but it's so hard for a defender to win MVP, that they get their own award. Defender of the Year is likely between Omar Gonzalez and Todd Dunivant.

Last year Edson Buddle won MVP, and then left for Germany. Omar Gonzalez won last years Defender of the Year. Buddle also won Humanitarian last year.

So, let's see what y'all think. Who is your LA Galaxy MVP? I'll take a vote on Defender of the Year tomorrow. Vote! It's up to you : )