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The Carson Daily, Oct 10th

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

Let's just jump into this one, shall we folks? It's derby week, the annual time when we remember the passing of the bowler derby. What a great hat. 

Word is, the Galaxy are playing their reserve league match, this afternoon at 11, to kick off derby week against the Chivas. Note that it should always be the Chivas. I mean you wouldn't say the Galaxy are set to kick off against goats. That would just sound silly. 

When I worked at Hidden Villa, a working ranch up in Los Altos Hills, we had a couple of goats. There was a milking station in their pen. Goat cheese is quite delicious. I remember one week we got in a baby goat. I was a camp counselor, and of course, once the campers saw the baby goat they awwwed and wanted to pet him. Then one of the other counselors decided to tell the truth. He had been bought by a wealthy couple to be served at their wedding! 

You see that's what goats are. Cheese producing animals that go good with a nice Zinfindel. 

Ha! And I said we were gonna jump into this one. Still went ahead and did a Conan monologue:


MLS consternation ahead: annual debate over last day lineups - Daily Soccer Fix
Steve Davis defends the Galaxy's right to rest the heck out of are starters. With a dinged up Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane out for four weeks, it's not really on purpose at this point. Thanks to musamonster for the tip. 

RealClearSports - Stars Are Aligned for Galaxy Run

Ah, but do we think the Galaxy could do the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs? 

Los Angeles Galaxy clinch MLS Supporters' Shield for the second straight year -, bringing up the rear. 


SoccerAmerica - Can L.A. Galaxy duck Supporters' Shield stigma of defeat? 10/10/2011
Let's hope the Galaxy can duck the stigma, or like a beaver build a dam to stop the flow of defeatist water. Perhaps the Galaxy should attack like a wildcat, or a cougar, or a bear in the post-season, lest they risk bruining a good thing. The Galaxy don't want to be like the Trojans, fighting valiantly in a losing effort. No, the best thing for these sun drenched devils to do is to walk over those cardinal clad foes in their midst and stand proud victorious, like a husky. 

Who cares about Colorado and Utah?