LA Galaxy match gets low TV rating, US rating steady


The LA Galaxy match was on the lower end of live soccer on TV last week. The US friendlies did relatively well.

ESPN and NBC Sports have had quite a bit of soccer to broadcast lately. Here's a look at the ratings for last week:

Program Day Network HH Rating P2+ (000)
USA vs. Belgium Wed 8-10 ESPN 0.5 736
Mexico vs. Nigeria Fri 9-11 ESPN 0.2 315
USA vs. Germany Sun 2-4:30 ESPN2 0.5 743
Germany v. Ecuador Wed 2:30-4:30 ESPN2 0.1 156
LA Galaxy at NE Revs Sun 4:30-7:30 NBCS 0.1 96
Mexico at Jamaica Tues 8:30-10:30 Telemundo 1.0 2,867

So now to explain the key terms as this isn't a television ratings blog.

HH Rating: The rating represents a percentage of the total number of households in the USA with a television. Nielson estimates 115.6 million homes in the United States have televisions, so the Mexico friendly on average was on approximately 1% of the homes with televisions.

P2+: The P2+ rating is an approximation of all the people over the age of two who were watching. So 96,000 people over the age of two watched the LA Galaxy take on the New England Revolution on Sunday. That's not a whole lot of people.

The rating I've been waiting for is Galaxy-Revs, and 96,000 is disappointing. It did have the unfortunate reality of going directly after the United States' victory over Germany. That match drew 743,000 and half a ratings point. The US was consistent across both friendlies, doing essentially the same rating.

The match's lead in, MLS 36 featuring Omar Gonzalez, did a 33,000 in persons over the age of 2, so LA actually trippled its lead in audience. All although not super attractive, 96k is an improvement over the last two weeks for NBC Sports and is better than two-thirds of the matches NBC Sports has shown.

Telemundo's 1.0 rating stands once again as testament to the fact that there is a soccer audience in America, they just might prefer watching in Spanish. Mexico are on the road again Friday, which means another Telemundo broadcast. The US road qualifiers are shown on beIN Sport, so it's unlikely we see a ratings bonanza.

Here are a few programs last week which beat LA Galaxy vs. New England revolution on the NBC Sports Network: George P World of Saltwater; Fishing with Roland Martin; Hunting for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg. The outdoor life Network beginnings still prove hard to shake for NBC Sports.

So to recap, the most watched soccer games last week (plus a few days) were a Mexico World Cup Qualifier, two US friendlies, a Mexico friendly, a German friendly, and the MLS match of the week.

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