MLS standings, LA Galaxy look fine going into Wednesday tilt


The LA Galaxy are looking fairly secure in the standings with a number of matches in hand. Getting back Robbie Keane and Todd Dunivant this week will go a long way toward getting the ball rolling again.

What if MLS was a single table league arranged by points per match? What would such a world look like?

FC Dallas 2.18
Montreal Impact 2.00
Houston Dynamo 1.82
Sporting Kansas City 1.69
Portland Timbers 1.64
New York Red Bulls 1.62
LA Galaxy 1.56
Philadelphia Union 1.50
Real Salt Lake 1.42
Colorado Rapids 1.36
Sounders FC 1.33
Columbus Crew 1.20
Vancouver Whitecaps 1.20
San Jose Earthquakes 1.17
Chivas USA 1.10
New England Revolution 1.00
Chicago Fire 0.78
Toronto FC 0.70
DC United 0.40

First off, the playoff line would be between the Colorado Rapids and the Seattle Sounders. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Sounders have begun to turn their season around. DC United, woof. That's just bad news bears all around there. The Montreal Impact look a lot better than they do in the current standings with MLS' tiebreakers keeping the French Canadians down.

LA spends one of it's matches in hand this week, taking on the Philadelphia Union on Wednesday. A Galaxy victory would put them at 1.7, launching the club to just below the Houston Dynamo. Does this club belong in the company of Houston and Dallas? Certainly their form against those two clubs suggests they belong in the conversation.

A problem in those two tilts was a lack of offensive creativity, something that could be relieved by Robbie Keane returning this week. He trained with the club today, which is good news. The bad news for LA Galaxy FC is that Keane has been called up for an Ireland vs. England tilt at the end of the month.

It takes place on the 29th of May, in-between Galaxy FC matches on the 26th of May at the Victoria Street Grounds and the 2nd of June at New England. It'd expect Keane to play the home match, and then skip out on the trip to New England.

Greg Cochrane's howler of a match against Vancouver should be alleviated by Todd Dunivant's return on Wednesday. He was looking at Saturday as a possible return, so he should be a lock to go on Wednesday.

In summary, Wednesday is much more a barometer for how the Galaxy are doing than Saturday's result. If you do wish to prepare a panic kit for Wednesday, I recommend aluminum foil as tin foil can be a bit heavy. Or light, I really don't know much about metals.

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