LA Galaxy sign Colin Clark, Brian Perk, and Mike Magee

Harry How

The Galaxy have added three players to the senior roster, returning two and new signing Colin Clark. The roster is getting closer and closer to finalized ahead of 2013 training camp.

The LA Galaxy announced today that the club has agreed to terms on new contracts with Colin Clark, Brian Perk, and Mike Magee. Clark was picked up in the re-entry draft, with Perk and Magee signing new contracts to stay with the Galaxy. It'll be Magee's fifth season with the Galaxy and Perk's fourth.

Let's update the roster chart now, to see where we are with offseason signings. Once we get a full sense of the senior roster we'll move on to a depth chart, but for now we're looking at sixteen players I'd say for sure are on the senior roster. I expect Tommy Meyer to jump to the senior roster with the playing time he got last year, but there are possibly three more spots still to be filled on the senior roster and two on the reserve roster.

With Josh Saunders considered unlikely (and William Hesmer in the same boat) Juninho is probably the only person known to be negotiating with the Galaxy that will get a contract for 2013. The Galaxy could leave spot 18 and 19 open, or we might still see a flashy Designated Player signing before the month is over.

At any rate, we're getting closer and closer to 2013 training camp, and then there's still the SuperDraft to go. I could see the Galaxy signing their top two draft picks to fill out the reserve roster, but I don't expect much more than that. Gyasi Zardes and Oscar Sorto are the future more than anything the Galaxy could find in the draft.

Player Name Base Salary '12 ($) Guaranteed '12 ($) Contract Status 2013 Cap Hit (min.)
1. Robbie Keane 2,917,241.00 3,417,242.75 Two Years $367,000
2. Landon Donovan 2,400,000.00 2,400,000.00 One Year $367,000
3. Omar Gonzalez 180,000.00 257,000.00 One Year $269,850
4. Sean Franklin 205,000.00 228,333.33 One Year $239,750
5. Marcelo Sarvas 135,000.00 161,875.00 One Year $169,968.75
6. Todd Dunivant 140,000.00 146,750.00 One Year $154,087.50
7. Leonardo 90,000.00 131,250.00 ? year(s) $137,812.50
8. Mike Magee 124,135.00 126,635.00 Signed ?
9. A.J. DeLaGarza 90,000.00 112,500.00 One Year $118,125
10. Brian Perk 76,000.00 110,100.00 Signed less than 2012
11. Michael Stephens 72,050.00 93,300.00 ? year(s) $97,965
12. Jack McBean 70,000.00 91,000.00 Homegrown none
13. Dan Keat 46,200.00 68,700.00 ? year(s) $72,135
14. Colin Clark $105,427 $110,427 Signed
15. Carlo Cudicini ? ? Signed
16. Gyasi Zardes ? ? Homegrown
21. Tommy Meyer 44,000.00 57,750.00 Rookie
22. David Junior Lopes 47,250.00 47,250.00 ?
23. Hector Jimenez 44,000.00 44,000.00 ?
24. Jose Villareal 33,750.00 35,625.00 Homegrown
25. Rafael Garcia 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
26. Brian Gaul 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
27. Kenny Walker 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
28. Brian Rowe 33,750.00 33,750.00 Rookie
29. Oscar Sorto ? ? Homegrown
William Hesmer $170,000 $181,000 Re-Entry
Josh Saunders 74,545.00 77,678.75 Free none
Juninho 50,000.00 65,625.00 Loan Expires none
Total 2013 cap hit thus far: ?
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