Three Star Daily, June 29th - Becks Snub Sad, San Jose Bad (As In Good)

STANFORD, CA - NOVEMBER 19: Keenan Allen #21 of the California Golden Bears catches a touchdown pass over Michael Thomas #3 of the Stanford Cardinal at Stanford Stadium on November 19, 2011 in Stanford, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Good morning Galaxy fans! Today we talk about the Beckham snub, and continue the march of hype toward Stanford Stadium.

So let's talk about Becks first. David Beckham has done everything save build the Olympic Stadium for that country. He was involved in China kicking soccer balls off a bus, he carried the torch from Athens to the UK. All he wanted (and believe me, he wanted it bad) was to represent his country one more time. In a tournament that carries little cache. Argentina won the tournament in China, how many know that as a ready to produce fact. Ugh, anyhow, everyone's all disappointed.

David Beckham is left off Britain's Olympic soccer team -
Beckham helped London beat out Paris to host the Games, and he had hoped to make the team, but Britain Coach Stuart Pearce does not choose him.

GALAXY: Becks' teammates disappointed - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
CARSON -- David Beckham omission for Great Britain's Olympic soccer team stunned and disappointed his teammates, who were looking forward to seeing...

Now, as concerns Stanford Stadium. It was built in 1921 as Stanford and Cal had an arms race to see who could complete an east coast style stadium first. Cal built a bowl into a hill, Stanford did a horseshoe type thing. If you look at aerial photos you can still see the original curvature in the treeline, but in 2005 the stadium was remodeled to reduce capacity, removing the track around the field and turning the stands into a big box.

This is soccer relevant because the dimensions as a soccer field are 110 x 70, as small as Jeld-Wen which is the smallest pitch in MLS. RFK, for the record, is only two yards wider. Something about really old football stadiums just not ideal for soccer conversion.

Anyhow, while they're down on The Farm the Galaxy will also have to contend with a quite talented San Jose squad which look world beaters right now. The rivalry, it seems, is starting to rekindle.

Quakes-Galaxy a sellout - for good reason - SFGate
The San Jose Earthquakes take on the rival Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday night at Stanford Stadium. No small feat for a team that last year failed to make the playoffs.

Palo Alto Online : It's Beckham, Donovan and some fireworks at Stanford
The stands at Stanford Stadium have rested quietly the past six months, the echoes of Luck-inspired yells slowly faded. But the columns will shake again on Saturday, neither from a first down nor a touchdown, but from an Earthquake.


Because it's up with the Blue and Gold, down with the Red. California's up for a victory. Bring down the battle axe on Stanford's head. When we meet her, our team will surely beat her. Down on the Stanford farm there'll be no sound. As our Oski rips through the air. Like our friend Mr. Jonah, Stanford's men will be found in the belly of a Golden Bear.

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