Three Star Daily, Apr 20th: Kid Beckham, Old Man Hejduk, And Goal Line Tech

CARSON, CA - APRIL 14: David Beckham #23 of the Los Angeles Galaxy celebrates his second half goal with Pat Noonan #11 and Tommy Meyer #21 in the game against the Portland Timbers at The Home Depot Center on April 14, 2012 in Carson, California. The Galaxy won 3-1. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Good morning Galaxy fans! Today we've got Beckham still feeling like a kid. Frankie Hejduk takes a job with the Columbus Crew. And Commissioner Don Garber says MLS would adopt goal line technology in a heartbeat if IFAB approves.

David Beckham and Frankie Hejduk; both in their late 30s, one who still feels like a spring chicken and the other who was so injured he just took a few months off until he was offered a front office job. Both with MLS Cup medals, both with young children. Makes one appreciate just how rare a gift it is to still be out there playing a full 90, still having the legs to go after a ball late in the game and curl it into the top corner.

As for goal line tech, well who doesn't want goal line technology at this point. There's this notion that the ref should never slow up the match, that's the player's job, but this wouldn't be instant replay. Just a quick yes or no from the booth on close calls. Given all the controversial goals through the years, it's not like soccer's record books are squeaky clean.

Anyhow, don't just take my word for it:

MLS Commissioner Don Garber says his league would use goal-line technology if IFAB approves - The Washington Post
NEW YORK — Major League Soccer would implement goal-line technology quickly if it’s approved in July by the sport’s rules-making body.

Bob Hunter commentary: Cheers to Crew for hiring Hejduk | The Columbus Dispatch
Little Cali, not quite 2, screamed, "That’s my Daddy!" at least a half-dozen times during Frankie Hejduk’s news conference, a remarkably prescient observation for one of her tender age.

Soccer still brings out the little boy in Beckham - The Denver Post
Forget the glamour that surrounds David Beckham, the trappings of celebrity, the trip to the Royal Wedding he squeezed in between the fifth and sixth games of the MLS season a year ago.

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