Old people suck.

I was looking up some of the Galaxy's prospects, guys like Mendiola and Zardes, and then, something hit me. You could make a very good MLS team out of the Galaxy's young players. Assuming they sign Zardes, Mendiola, and keep Juninho, this is what the Galaxy's team would look like if you just used the players who were younger than 25.







This is just a rough estimation of what this team might look like, the formation is just guess work at what Arena would go with, I think a 4-3-3 would work better, but I doubt Bruce would. And as to what depth what player plays at is really impossible to really know, so here's my guess on how this team would play strategically.

Obviously, that team is wildly inexperienced for the most part, but they do still have Juninho and Gonzalez who were starters on 2 MLS Cup winning teams as stabilizing influences in the midfield and Defense. And guys like Meyer, Gaul, and Jimenez saw a lot of time this past year.

Though, despite it's inexperience, this would be perhaps the most talented team in MLS, even though most of that talent is unrefined. I think what would really separate this team from other MLS sides is that not only would they have the size and physicality to be good on set pieces with guys like Gonzalez, McBean, and Zardes. They also have skilled, attacking players out wide. If my memory serves me correctly, Villarreal is a primarily right footed player, so that probably means he'd tuck in a lot allowing Gaul to get forward. Jimenez is a pure winger and with Sorto coming forward a lot, they could play a nice 1-2 game that would result in a lot of crosses going towards the heads of McBean and Zardes. Now one of the potential problems I see is that on the left side they are dependent on Gaul to provide width and Sorto's strength is attacking, but bringing both full backs forward leaves them dangerously esposed defensively. There's a way to rectify this, switching Sorto from the right to the left, but there a potential problem with this. I'm not sure if Sorto can play on the left side, nor do I know if Gaul can play on the right, but if they could switch it would be for the best because Gaul wouldn't have to get forward as much on the right side as he would on the left, and Sorto would be freed up to get forward at will. Villarreal tucking in would allow him to create plays centrally, he would have a similar role to the one Donovan does when he plays out wide. And then you have McBean and Zardes as the strikers, 2 of the top young striker prospects the US has, to finish off the chances. Where Mendiola fits is a mystery to me, everything I've read leads me to believe he's an attacking mid, who has played out wide, but is more comfortable centrally, so I put him in the middle because I believe the 2 players I have out wide are better suited to be out wide than they are to be central.

This team would be vulnerable on defense, but not as vulnerable as you'd think, because they still have Juninho, who would probably have more attacking responsibilities, but Mendiola would probably be the one to get forward the most, which would allow Juninho to do what he does best, win possession and control the mid-field. They'd still have Omar Gonzalez and Tommy Meyer as their CB's, that's the same duo they started this year in their championship run. Perk is a question mark at keeper, but he wasn't awful when he got his shot and maybe with consistent appearances, he would improve.

Would this team be a Championship caliber team? I honestly don't know. They certainly have the talent, but whether or not that would mean Championship immediately, I don't know. In 3-5 years? If they kept that group together? It would be really good, like, record breaking good.

Obviously, eliminating everyone over the age of 25 would create a huge lack of depth, the only quality player left after that would be Michael Stephens, who might actually be the starter over Mendiola if he didn't mesh well with Juninho.

Really, no point to any of this, because the Galaxy have quite a few talented players over the age of 25, but it is fun to think about. I think a team like this would be great for MLS though. MLS always talks about finding young stars, and focusing on player development, and a team like this would really put some of the league's top young talent on display, and I personally would love to see LA become like the Ajax of America, or something like that, and so would US Soccer as a whole.

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