The Replacements.

So David Beckham is leaving. This leaves a big hole for the Galaxy fill on and off the field. We can expect to hear the usual suspects Lampard, Ronaldinho, Kaka, and maybe Drogba. I'd like to discuss the pros of cons of all of those players, plus a few players who I think could or should be in the discussions.


I was surprised when I read that he was very open to the possibility of playing in MLS, because most great Brazilian players usually choose the return home to finish their careers. I'm not sure if this is just him trying to stir up more interest or if he actually wants to come, but regardless if they managed to sign him it would be a huge get for them.

He's a great attacking mid, and would fit into the void Becks left nicely. Obviously they have different skill sets, Kaka is more of a goal scorer and Beckham likes to hit long balls and rarely shoots.

I think everyone would agree the pros far out weigh the cons. The only real cons I could come up with are the fact that he hasn't gotten consistent playing time since he was injured and whether or not he would take the league seriously. I don't think either of those would be legit reasons not to sign him.


Now unlike Kaka, Lampard has denied interest in coming to MLS, and like Kaka you might have to question his motives for saying that. Personally, I think he's trying to endear himself to the Chelsea fans.

Lampard is a great fit for MLS. I think players that come directly from the EPL are always going to have no trouble adjusting to the MLS game. He's going to add to the Galaxy, maybe even more than Beckham did. When I think of Lampard I think of a guy who can do a lot of different things on the field, he's an adequate passer, has a good shot, and respects his defensive responsibilities. Beckham was really a one trick pony, even though it was a hell of a trick).

The only con I could come up with is that he doesn't have much speed, but in MLS that won't be a problem. I think of him as a real pro, if he comes I think he'd respect the game and his teammates, something I don't trust every player on this list to do.


This would be the flashy signing. I'm not sure if he's comftorable or not in Brazil, it seems like he changes his mind every week, but at times there's been real smoke around him and LA. If he is available, I think he could be the guy LA really goes after.

What can I say? His style fits LA. He's flashy, exciting and cocky. Really if I had 1/4th of his skill I could dominate MLS.

The cons? I point back to my previous paragraph. He's flashy, exciting, and cocky. I did not say he's tough, gritty, and determined. Let's just say he's going to miss quite a few games due to injury. but you know what, so did Beckham, and so does Donovan.


The chances are slim, but he did say he would play for LA. I'm not sure about the Chinese policy for transfers, but I'm pretty sure it's not favorable to a player who wants to leave. Just a hunch.

Really if Drogba came to MLS, it would be ridiculous. The HDC would become a slaughter house. To say he's well suited to the MLS game would be a massive under statement. He's the most powerful and physically dominant forward in the world. MLS teams wouldn't know what to do with him.

There really is no con here. Any team in MLS would faint if they got him. The players, the coaches, the front office people and the fans would take an impromptu nap.

Omar Gonzalez

Personally, this is the one I'm rooting for. He deserves it. He has been the best centerback in MLS, EASILY, and really he's the best player on the Galaxy. We all saw how the team looked with out him anchoring the D.

Dominant in the air, just ask that idiot playing with San Jose who wears the clown wig. Dominant on set pieces, either as the target or winning the first header defending them. He's a smart defender with a surprising amount of technical ability, he's gotten forward a few times in the play-offs and he didn't humiliate himself.

He's old school. He's not super fast or super quick, but he does make up for it with good positioning and using his size and strength to get the ball from people.


Really has become a fan favorite in his loan stints. Really sometimes you forget he's on loan. His growth in the last couple of years has been marvelous and he appears to love it in LA, whether or not LA developing him and his love for the city relust in him abandonning his dream of playing for Sau Paulo is yet to be seen.

The best box to box mid in MLS. Really has no weakness in his game great at winning balls in the midfield, has a terrific shot from distance, and good in combination play.

And when it comes to Gonzalez and Juninho, something should be said about the fact that LA knows what they're getting from them, how they fit in, and they'll have more of a sense of loyalty to the team.

Mario Balotelli

Now there's virtually no chance this will happen, but when you really start to think about it, it's not as outlandish as you think. If anything once you think about it, it makes a ton of sense. He's an egomaiacal attention whore, hell bent on setting himself apart from everyone else, AKA all famous people in LA. He'd fit right in, and unlike in Europe where he gets punished for his antics, he would be beloved in LA BECAUSE of his antics. There have been rumors he's available too, and a lot of the top clubs in Europe will be scared off by his antics which may keep the price tag down. Just some food for thought

Really if he were to come, he might set records that would stand for a very long time. The one con I would say is that he wouldn't take the league seriously, but really he doesn't take any league/team seriously.

Ronaldo, yep.... He's on the list.

Really. It's just fun to think about. And he does have to personality to come to LA, I just think that if he does it would probably be in 5-10 years. I don't know how it would work finacially at the moment, but if there's a price tag they could pay then they should pay it, because they would get the Beckham effect x's 10. And the tax rate in the US is much more favorable to the rich than it is in Europe, 20-25 Million goes a lot farther here than it does over there.



Beckham's gone. It was great while it lasted, for LA and MLS. He brought in more revenue, attention, and paved the way for players like Henry and Keane to come to MLS. He gave this league everything it needed. You can debate the amount of games he played and his stats and all that nonsense. I don't care, I don't even care about his titles (ok, yes I do.) anyone who says the Beckham experiment was a failure is just bitter, looking at you Eurosnob-Americans. However for all the great Beckham did, what the Galaxy and this league does from this point on will be more important than anything Beckham ever did. I'm not talking about bringing in another aging star from Europe with name recognition. I'm talking about building on the foundation cemented by David Beckham. Don't let what Beckham gave you go to waste. This league is far from top European quality, but the potential is there, but potential is nothing without work.

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