The Carson Daily, Oct. 4th

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 01: Chad Barrett #11 of the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chris Schuler #28 of Real Salt Lake vie for the ball in the first half during the MLS match at The Home Depot Center on October 1, 2011 in Carson, California. The Galaxy defeated Real Salt Lake 2-1. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Ladies, gentlemen, let's jump right into this. Grab yourself a hot cuppa Joe and let's see what the internet is saying about the LA Galaxy: 

Red Bulls face Beckham, MLS leaders tonight -
Thierry Henry said he thinks the underachieving Red Bulls will need not just character and courage to fight their way into the playoffs, but also consistency and continuity to become champions.

Giase: Red Bulls still in MLS playoff race despite a slew of ties in a 'strange season' |
Red Bulls prepare for key game tonight against Los Angeles Galaxy.

It's understandable that New York is more excited about this match than the LA press. Much of the lustre of this match has been worn off with time. 

GALAXY: No Donovan, no Keane in New York - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
It's still Major League Soccer's marquee matchup, but this Galaxy-New York Red Bulls meeting just isn't what it might have been a month or so ago. 

Thanks Scott : )

Robbie Keane is making his mark in Major League Soccer -

Looking ahead a little at next year: 

Wileman: Garber discusses Montreal in MLS, new schedule

Some bonus quotes and tweets:

  • "It would have been a really special night, but now it's all set up to play New York in New York and if you can do it there that's fantastic. Seattle is hot on our heels and they've got to be frustrated. They keep winning games, they're doing a great job, and they're still points behind us." --Chad Barrett to the LA Daily News.
  • "The real powerful story for our league, and the sport in North America, is what has gone on in the Pacific Northwest. The credibility of the league has grown. I was at a meeting in Zurich and [FIFA] president Sepp Blatter and their secretary general were talking about what’s going on here. It’s resonating around the world. It’s been very positive." --Don Garber
  • @BrianStraus – Soccer culture's progress: Boeing delivers 1st 787 to ANA, and this is how employees mark occasion. This is awesome.
  • @travismclark -- 

    @LeanderESPN major props to for putting MLS games in the ticker up top on the front page. About time - I know that as all you.
  • @JermiahOshan -- Congrats to the Galaxy for tying the post-shootout era record for MLS wins in a season.
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