The Carson Daily, Oct 12th

Carson Daily

Morning boys and girls! I got myself a nice, warm cup of Green Mountain House Blend. New York, and I'm starting to feel New England, coffee is very much a one note thing. Granted, before I was basing this on Chock Full of Nuts and Dunkin Doughnuts, but now this Green Mountain Vermont coffee, which goes out of it's way to promote it's organic free tradeiness; just one note. It's like someone sat down to compose a cup of coffee, but after playing A sharp decided that's good enough. 

Wait, this isn't a food blog? No way. Anyhow, I'll stick with my West Coast roasters, thank you very much. Peet's Coffee FTW!

I think the men's national team had a match last night. Much was accomplished. No that can't be right. Little was accomplished, and frankly the match was a bit boring.


Ecuador Edges United States With Late Goal -

"After enduring modest pressure from the United States in the second half, Ecuador broke through in the 79th minute and held on for a win before 20,707 at Red Bull Arena."


Then Mexico vs. Brazil came on, and Brazil gave up an own goal and the announcers started eulogizing Brazilian soccer. Then Brazil busted a bunch of capoeira moves and the world was set right again.

In other international news, Ireland winning yesterday 2-1 means they qualify for the playoff round. The Euro qualifying playoff round is scheduled for the international break between the MLS division finals and the MLS Cup. So Robbie Keane could be in a win or go home match for Ireland five days before the MLS Cup.

Speaking of Galaxy stars playing overseas just before the Cup (which, as the Shield winners, I'm going to assume will feature LA until proven otherwise), the USMNT is thinking about spending the weekend in France. But don't take my word for it:

Soccer By Ives: USA to play two friendlies in Europe during November fixture window

"With the latest batch of international friendlies in the rear view mirror, the U.S. national team is looking forward to its next set of games, which will both take place in Europe. The United States' next two friendlies will be played during the Nov. 11-15 FIFA international window, and according to U.S. Soccer, "the two matches will be played in Europe and will be announced in the near future." Reports out of France earlier this week suggested that if Les Bleus qualified for the finals of Euro 2012 and didn't need that fixture window for... "

Oh and speaking of the national team, coach Klinsmann thinks MLS is too weak, like Ukraine. 


Jurgen Klinsmann, a smart guy who got one wrong - Daily Soccer Fix

MLS is growing, growing, growing growing....

MLS Commissioner Don Garber: If we can build the stadium, we will have the 20th team in New York City -


Dynamo's new stadium starting to take shape - Houston Chronicle

"...If it weren't for safety considerations, fans could surely pack the place if they didn't mind sitting in concrete until the seats arrive. [...] the roof canopy is already covering a large portion on the southwest corner of the stadium. Looking beyond them, the southwest corner provided a glimpse of what the entire stadium will look like once the canopy covers the upper bowl."


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